Cafe Solaire 22: Soul Emotions for Cool Funky People
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:17/10/2014
  • Label:Clubstar
  • Price:$49.95
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Cafe Solaire 22: Soul Emotions for Cool Funky People

Various Artists

We proudly present Cafe Solaire Volume 22.
As usual, we also heat the cold season of your souls with
a new edition of the traditional compilation series.
In these fast-paced times, even in the music industry, it's not everyday that a compilation series can remain on the market for so long.
The first edition was published in 2001. Since then, the Cafe Solaire compilations spray southern flair and delight fans and friends of sophisticated electronic music. As usual for the previous twenty-one albums, including
also this double CD again smoothe and authentic lounge and house music.

For the compilation and the mixing Harley & Muscle and this time Stefano 'Stevie Slow Dj Proietti show responsibility.

The first CD Soul Emotions, selected by Harley & Muscle is more laidback and featured deepe House & Lounge Downbeat Grooves by artists such as Sannan, Clelia Felix, Tarby, Dolls combers, vono box, Rhythm Plate and many others.

CD2 Funky People was mixed by Stefano 'Stevie Slow Dj Proietti and supplies the House Heads with soulful and deep house music of the moment.
Tracks by James Dexter, Demarkus Lewis, Phil R. feat. Dihann Moore,
Deepia feat. Dennis Wonder and Silvia Zaragoza Khuzwayo & Patrick are on
to find this Silberling. Furthermore, artists such as The Wisemen, Soul Provider & Rooted Soul, Justin Imperiale feat. Rescue Poets and many other immortalized in this highly danceable mix.

Track Listing

  • Erua (The Heaven) - Sannan 4.22 
  • Perfection on This World - Sambox 5.18 
  • Slaag Lament - Gleen Thorton 5.03 
  • Miracle of Love - Clelia Felix 4.32 
  • Round & Round - Tarby 6.11 
  • Moroccan Fantasy - Sannan 5.28 
  • Return to My Home (feat. James Vargas) - Dolls Combers 6.13 
  • Memories of You - Tekniq 5.39 
  • Soul Therapy - Dcb 5.42 
  • Across the Bridge - Clelia Felix 3.48 
  • Hip to the Hop (feat. Stack Benjamiz) - Thomas Wood Amilcare3.02 
  • Cooking Some Music - Dolls Combers 5.02 
  • Panama - Vono Box 3.47 
  • Keep a Light On - Rhythm Plate 3.12 
  • Break Drink (Blues Mix) - Sambox 5.06 
  • Hypnotized - Sannan 6.09 
  • Nothing To - James Dexter 4.43 
  • I Can Love - SKMK 7.08 
  • Touch My Soul (feat. Carla Prather) [DC Vocal Mix] - Dolls Combers 7.16 
  • Deep & Under - Demarkus Lewis 6.53 
  • Bowmore Drinker - Stefano Esposito 4.27 
  • Agape Love (feat. Dihann Moore) [Main Vocal] - Phil R. 5.55 
  • Hot Feelings - James Dexter 4.27 
  • Bad Temptation (feat. Dennis Wonder) [Main Vocal] - Deepia 5.39 
  • Keep a Light On (James Dexter Remix) - Rhythm Plate 6.53 
  • Stand Up (feat. Big Papa Sparber) [Romain's Acid Dub] - Mike Dominico 7.17 
  • I Am the DJ - The Wisemen 6.11 
  • It Moves Me (feat. Darian Crouse) [SZ's Soulful Mix] - Silvia Zaragoza, Patrick Khuzwayo 6.01 
  • Set Out - Dcb 7.18 
  • Don't Want Your Love - Jonny Cade, Cera Alba 4.59 
  • I Believe - Soulprovider, RootedSoul 5.30 
  • Whispers in the Wind (feat. Rescue Poetix) [D'Oke' Mix] - Justin Imperiale 5.02 

Total running time: 174:13

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