Obsession Lounge 8
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:14/11/2014
  • Label:Clubstar
  • Price:$49.95
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Obsession Lounge 8

Various Artists

With "Obsession Lounge Vol.8" DJ Jondal his line remains true. The common thread in all of its Obsession Lounge expenditure is that the music is a soundtrack that generates the images in my head, referring to his travels to exotic places. The focus located on songs with live instruments and DJ Jondal again combines the best of the best in the global lounge scene on this compilation.

CD1 includes reclining songs by artists such Gushi & Raffunk, Mashti & Jean van Baden, the legendary Chris Coco & Sacha Puttnam, Deep Dive Corp., Ganga, Hydra and Steen Thottrup.
Nacho Sotomayor's beautiful remake of Bruce Springsteen classic Street of Philadelphia is on the silver disc and many more reclined sensations.

CD2 holds the relaxation factor and extended listening pleasure by more than 70 minutes.
The disc includes tracks from the lounge music veterans Afterlife and Sven Van Hees, James Bright, Thomas Lemmer, Kelly Flint, Clelia Felix and many others.

The double album Obsession Lounge Vol.8 will surely take you through the winter / summer time, depending on which side of the earth is your you.
Enjoy the trip and have fun!
Get Jondalized!

Track Listing

  • Gushi & Raffunk - Arabian Nights5.51 
  • Mashti & Jean van Baden - Mumbai Madness4.17 
  • Chris Coco & Sacha Puttnam - The Cafe3.42 
  • Sambox - Hatchway For You4.24 
  • Guardner - With The Flow (Original Mix) 4.44 
  • Deep Dive Corp. - Space Boogie feat. Dennis le Gree 6.33 
  • Marie 'Therese - Temple Of Happiness 4.21 
  • Jens Buchert - In My Garden4.01 
  • Nacho Sotomayor - Streets of Philadelphia (In love Mix) 5.11 
  • Steen Thottrup - In The Palm Of Your Hand (Original) 3.37 
  • Simon Le Grec - Where Is The Love I'am Looking For (Delor Mix) 5.23 
  • Ganga - Oceans Alive5.08 
  • Hush Forever meets Deep Dive Corp. - Here We Go 6.01 
  • Counting Clouds - Believe In Love 3.38 
  • Thomas Lemmer - Underwater Love 4.46 
  • Afterlife - Pirates (Original) 4.23 
  • Cathy Battistessa & James Bright - Tipped Up World 6.07 
  • Ohm-G - Moments Of Passion 6.13 
  • Sven Van Hees - Love Lottery (Original Album Mix) 5.05 
  • Gary B - The Moon4.22 
  • Ganga feat. Nikolaj Grandjean - Carry You Home (Original Mix) 4.39 
  • James Bright - Be 5.23 
  • Vargo - Intuition (Touch My Hall Mix) 5.12 
  • Kelly Flint - Deeep Freeze (Mashti & Jean van Baden Dub Chill Mix) 5.06 
  • Clelia Felix - Earth Song5.12 
  • PrOmid feat. Habiboo - Passion 5.49 

Total running time: 129:8

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