So Frenchy So Chic 2015: Unofficial Soundtrack to the 2015 Alliance Francaise Film Festival
  • Genre:World
  • Released:01/12/2014
  • Label:Cartell Music
  • Price:$36.95
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So Frenchy So Chic 2015: Unofficial Soundtrack to the 2015 Alliance Francaise Film Festival

Various Artists

The brand is highly recognised with its distinctive packaging and quality music selection. It is the unofficial soundtrack to the French Film Festival, which attracted 135,000 people nationally in 2014 - making it the biggest foreign film festival in Australia. This January So Frenchy So Chic live concert will be held around the country attracting an estimated audience of 10,000+ in addition to extensive media coverage.

The extremely popular So Frenchy So Chic series is back with 29 tracks that lift the spirits, from jazz to pop to electronica. Just say Ye-Ye! and hop on board.

After years of successful compilation albums and tours, Cartell Music has the savoir faire to pick French musicians that Australian audiences love.

Continuing the fabulous compilations of the past few years comes So Frenchy So Chic 2015, featuring an amazing lineup, including Emilie Simon, The Do, La Femme, Francois & The Atlas Mountains and more!


Track Listing

  • Clea Vincent - Retiens Mon Desir3.39 
  • Feu! Chatterton - La Malinche3.53 
  • Boogers - Running in the flame3.09 
  • La Feline - La fumee dans le ciel3.51 
  • Marie-Flore - Empty Walls2.39 
  • Raphael Gualazzi - L'amie d'un italien (Rainbows) [With Camille]3.10 
  • Cliche - En catimini3.50 
  • Scarecrow - The Well3.10 
  • MLCD [My Little Cheap Dictaphone] - Bitter taste of life3.45 
  • The Do - Opposite Ways4.11 
  • La Femme - ItÂís time to wake up (2023)6.52 
  • Coralie Clement - Un Dimanche en Hiver3.28 
  • Lucas Santtana - Diary of a Bike feat. Fefe3.55 
  • Mina Tindle - The Curse4.45 
  • Jesus Christ Fashion Barbe - Finger is on2.45 
  • Radio Elvis - La Traversee3.28 
  • Robi - On ne meurt plus d'amour4.26 
  • Mark Berube - Carnival3.41 
  • Soviet Suprem - French Romance3.54 
  • Arthur H - L'Autre Cote De La Lune3.42 
  • Kid Francescoli with Julia- Blow Up3.42 
  • Odezenne - Rien3.50 
  • Emilie Simon - Des Larmes3.55 
  • Feu! Chatterton - A l'Aube4.41 
  • Marie Modiano - Exeter3.14 
  • Franck Monnet - Differents2.42 
  • Juniore - La Fin du Monde2.55 
  • Simon Dalmais - Soleil Libre3.16 

Total running time: 104:28

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