The Demon Diaries
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:01/05/2015
  • Label:Island Records
  • Price:$42.95
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The Demon Diaries

Parov Stelar

Over the past few years, Parov Stelar has meticulously processed to the sound of individual decades, sampled and quoted resurrect past times, lifted into the present and created a unique sound that copies in its uniqueness countless times but was never reached. Parov Stelar has the sound of a century music history appropriated and made it his own musical world. With The Demon Diaries he returns again into this world and released after three years of his sixth studio album.

2cd limited edition release 

Track Listing

  • Demon Dance 3.30 
  • Keep This Fire Burning 3.14 
  • Hooked On You feat. Timothy Auld3.30 
  • Clap Your Hands3.18 
  • Hit Me Like A Drum feat. Timothy Auld3.32 
  • The Green Frog3.09 
  • I Need L.O.V.E. 3.42 
  • Djangos Revenge4.00 
  • Gin Tonic3.19 
  • Don't Mean a Thing3.30 
  • Josephine feat. Anduze (1930 version)4.35 
  • Berlin Shuffle5.14 
  • Hit Me Like a Drum4.08 
  • Six Feet Underground feat. Claudia Kane3.17 
  • The Sun feat. Graham Candy2.55 
  • Summertime feat. Maya Bensalem4.45 
  • Walk Away feat. Anna F.3.48 
  • Josephine feat. Anduze (Candlelight version)3.24 
  • Magenta Rising3.32 
  • Golden Arrow feat. Lilja Bloom (Demon Diaries Version) 3.05 
  • Don't Believe What They Say feat. Angela McLuskey4.32 
  • The Sea feat. Harald Baumgartner4.03 
  • Keeping This Fire Burning (Sterartronic Remix)5.35 
  • The Lonely Trumpet (The Demon Diaries Outro)6.05 

Total running time: 93:42

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