Circus Maximus
  • Genre:Swing
  • Released:27/04/2015
  • Label:Chin Chin
  • Price:$39.95
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Circus Maximus

Tape Five

Tape Five Chin Chin is the label of the group who knows the most success: millions of streams, many compilations (Cafe del Mar, Costes, Campari Lounge ...) synchros on pubs, trounees of France in Brazil through Russia and South Korea. This new album is an irresistible mix of Swing, Electro-swing, Nujazz, Soul, RETB, HipHop, Disco, House and music of all complemented votes of American singers Balkans (Brenda Boykin), English (Henrik Wager and Iain Mackenzie ) and South Africian (Dionne Wudu).

Track Listing

  • Introduction le grand salon0.27 
  • Mad Dogs On the Scene3.23 
  • Sax Me Up3.47 
  • Gipsy VIP (Circus Maximus Mix)3.15 
  • The Big Bang3.08 
  • Forever Young3.41 
  • Circus Maximus3.28 
  • Swing Punk3.36 
  • Thats the Way I Travel3.49 
  • Intermezzo Tape Five Radio0.26 
  • Swing With Bling4.38 
  • Hercab" WDR Bigband (Tape Five Remix) [Feat. Gianluigi Trovesi]3.22 
  • Cooking in My Kitchen3.25 
  • Swing You Winners (Feat. Bart & Baker)2.54 
  • Outroduction Urban Absurdium0.35 

Total running time: 43:54

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