So Many Colours
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:02/06/2015
  • Label:International Feel Recordings
  • Price:$39.95
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So Many Colours

Jose Padilla

JOSE PADILLA, one of his generation's most well recognised DJs, returns with "So Many Colours", a brand new album due out early next on June 2nd International Feel Recordings. Originally Spanish, PADILLA was quickly noted by becoming, in the early 1990s, resident DJ at the legendary Cafe del Mar in Ibiza, and compiling all the first album "Cafe Del Mar", released in React time on the label, and passed more than 6 Million copies worldwide.
While many tracks of the artist quickly appear on many compilations, it was not until the late 1990s, he released his first album, "Souvenir" on Mercury Records, notably including collaborations with PACO FERNANDEZ or LENNY Ibizarre, and paving the way for his second masterpiece "Navigator", released in 2001. With fans today renamed, MADONNA KARL LAGERFELD, through the legendary DJ ANDREW HARVEY or WEATHERALL, he comes back here with these 11 new tracks, or the Balearic influences play entry is felt and its origins "Cafe Del Mar".

Track Listing

  • Day One 6.24 
  • On the Road 5.20 
  • Solito 7.01 
  • Maybe the Sunset (Feat. Lydmor) 6.04 
  • Mojame 3.49 
  • Afrikosa 4.47 
  • Aixo Es Miel 4.20 
  • Lollipop 4.35 
  • Whistle Dance 5.33 
  • Blitz Magic 7.26 
  • Remember Me 3.41 

Total running time: 59:0

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