buddha-bar beach Mykonos by buddha-bar X FG
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:25/07/2015
  • Label:George V
  • Price:$45.95
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buddha-bar beach Mykonos by buddha-bar X FG

Various Artists

This summer, George V Records is back with a new compilation Beach, Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos.
Why Mykonos? It's very simple. Following the success of the first game, the first Buddha Bar Beach opens its doors in the very luxurious Santa Marina Hotel, located in Ornos, Mykonos!

And to celebrate, what better than a new compilation! Also in association with Radio FG, the new cd promises warmth, voluptuous journey through the most beautiful beaches, and the best clubs in the world.

At the controls, DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar) and Camilo Franco (Space Ibiza and Radio FG) dangle captivating titles that keep coming over the waves.

The first part has been carefully selected by Ravin to end your day of beauty beach. Lovezvous in great sofa, beside the water and let yourself be guided by the intoxicating melodies and deep. After dinner, enjoy the sunset for a last moment of "calm" before the tour clubs. Too tired? Selecting Camilo will you awake until dawn.

Track Listing

  • Welcome to Buddha Bar Beach - Intro 0.15 
  • On the Beach - Nick, Samantha 4.27 
  • Live for the Sun - Steen Thottrup 4.53 
  • Summertime (Original) [feat. Maya Bensalem & Ozark Henry] - Parov Stelar 4.32 
  • I Remember (BlackBox Extended) - Western Disco 4.13 
  • I Don't Love U No More - Carlos Campos, Ravin 4.28 
  • Cierro los Ojos - Ensaime 5.52 
  • Godspeed You (Charming Horses Remix) - Francesco Rossi 4.24 
  • Laws of Motion (Sebastien Remix) [feat. White Sea] - Man Without Country 4.36 
  • Woman of the Ghetto - Stefano Noferini, Marlena Shaw 5.03 
  • The Thrill Is Gone - MHE 6.03 
  • Melody - Oliver Heldens 4.41 
  • Don't Sing (feat. Benny Sings) - Data 4.09 
  • Shells (Durante Remix) - Laurel 4.27 
  • Hotel California Noblesse - Oblige 8.30 

Total running time: 70:33

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