Walk Dance Talk Sing
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:11/05/2015
  • Label:K7
  • Price:$37.95
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Walk Dance Talk Sing

Crazy P

Walk Dance Talk Sing’ is the seventh album by much-loved Crazy P AKA Danielle Moore, Jim Baron and Chris ‘Toddy’ Todd.

Due to years experience in the studio and wowing crowds (both live and as DJs) ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ is steeped in the history of quality club sounds. Proper deep house, boogie, funk and soul is mixed with modern electronic pop then sprinkled liberally with disco dust. Confident, sophisticated and stylish yet playful and adventurous, it finds Crazy P in an empowered new purple patch – both comfortable in their own skin and unafraid to try new things.

Way before the rise in prominence of disco, house and soulful pop from the likes of Todd Terje, Disclosure or Jessie Ware, Crazy P have spearheaded the revival (and perpetuation) of these sounds since 1997. Their status as respected, vital players has maintained throughout nearly 20 years, and with the bright future of ‘Walk Talk Dance Sing’, they remain leading lights worthy of yet more recognition.

Track Listing

  • Like a Fool 5.06 
  • The Come On 4.21 
  • Echo 7.06 
  • Cruel Mistress 4.55 
  • Magnetise 6.13 
  • Something More 6.07 
  • Walk Dance Talk Sing 5.41 
  • Scrap the Book 5.40 
  • The Way 3.53 
  • Hear My Song 5.12 
  • Witch Doctor 8.02 

Total running time: 62:16

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