Cafe Del Mar 21: Volumen Veintiuno - Compiled by Toni Simonen
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:29/06/2015
  • Label:Cafe Del Mar
  • Price:$59.95
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Cafe Del Mar 21: Volumen Veintiuno - Compiled by Toni Simonen

Various Artists

Under the spell of Toni Simonen Cafe Del Mar displays once again a yearning to create and collect the most ingenious output in downtempo, still being as Innovative and relevant as ever. While featuring exclusive tracks from some of the most iconic artists of today's electro scene. It showcases new talents from all corners of the world. Dusty, Laid Back, Soulful, Organic Grooves from The Broken Orchestra new offering "Over and Over" featuring Natalie Gardiner.

Exclusive new composition from Raffaele Attanasio, "Der Himmel U-ber Berlin" beautifully played at the piano, reminiscent of Keith Jarrett finest output Downtempo Masterpiece "La Ritournelle". Composed by Sebastian Tellier and edited excluisvely by T-Mo for this album. New York City sound from Waldermar Schwartz, a heady mix of upfront modern Disco, muscular bass lines, swirling atmospherics. The Orchestral sound of Kinobe, played live with a 10 piece band, with violins and flutes. An anthemic interpretations of the classic "Slip into something more conformtable".

Track Listing

  • Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Comfortable (Played Live Mix) 4.47 
  • Nev Cottee - If I Could Tell You7.05 
  • Nautic - Freedom of the Floor (Open Space Remix) 6.07 
  • Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Slow 2 Lounge Mix) 5.41 
  • Caia - Heavy Weather5.08 
  • Waldemar Schwartz - La Taza de Oro 5.23 
  • Pig & Dan - Friday Freaks 5.08 
  • No Logo - Ancestral Melody 5.41 
  • Ganga - Time Spent 4.38 
  • James Bright  Siempre 4.33 
  • Tommy Awards - Hotel Odemark 7.51 
  • The Broken Orchestra - Over & Over (feat. Natalie Gardiner)4.41 
  • Inventions - Slow Breathing Circuit (A Winged Victory For The Sullen Remix) 5.55 
  • Flako - Gelis 3.10 
  • Isan - No.1. (Lent Et Douloureux)2.33 
  • DeeB Â Rooftops 4.15 
  • Synkro - Distant Eyes3.43 
  • Himalia - So Distant4.34 
  • Farbror Resande Mac - Stockholmsnatt5.03 
  • Compendium - Brand new Start5.31 
  • Asura - Raindust 4.27 
  • Phil France - The Swimmer 4.06 
  • Raffaele Attanasio - Der Himmel U-ber Berlin (Solo Piano Version) 5.14 
  • Yosi Horikawa - Stars6.12 
  • Thomas Prime - Breakfast (feat. James Rose) 3.30 
  • Gelka - Million Nights (feat. Phoenix Pearle)5.18 
  • Pensees - She (CMD Edit)4.49 
  • T_Mo - La Ritournelle (CMD Edit) 5.07 

Total running time: 140:10

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