• Genre:RNB
  • Released:24/07/2015
  • Label:Atlantic Records
  • Price:$30.95
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Jill Scott

The thought provoking titled album is coming off the heels of Jill's latest singles, "Fool's Gold" that debuted on May 11th and is currently #7 on Billboard R&B charts and the critically acclaimed, "You Don't Know". Executive produced by the vocal powerhouse herself alongside producer extraordinaire Andre Harris ("Long Walk Home" & "Is It The Way") and Nashville great Aaron Pearce, Jill is describing the sound of this album as "classic Philly soul meets Country rhythm served with impeccable and captivating storytelling".

Track Listing

  • Wild Cookie 1.49 
  • Prepared 5.18 
  • Run Run Run 2.27 
  • Can't Wait 4.31 
  • Lighthouse 5.58 
  • Fool's Gold 3.24 
  • Willing (Interlude) 1.17 
  • Closure 3.16 
  • You Don't Know 3.49 
  • Pause (Interlude) 1.23 
  • Cruisin 3.55 
  • Say Thank You 4.26 
  • Back Together 4.08 
  • Coming To You 3.40 
  • Jahraymecofasola 4.41 
  • Beautiful Love (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) 3.40 

Total running time: 57:42

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