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  • Genre:Electro Swing
  • Released:16/10/2015
  • Label:Wagram
  • Price:$39.95
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The Icon

Caravan Palace

Highly anticipated third album from the Parisian electro pioneers.  The new Caravan Palace it's punchy, it's badass, it's decadent, it's groovy always easy, it takes time and it glows in the dark.
Having combined the future a past not so simple they restored the shield on a bed of beats dancefloor, telescoping bass, synths, scat and violins, cyber punks of the Roaring Twenties are reinvented with an arrogant carelessness in a third surprising album

Track Listing

  • Lone Digger 3.50 
  • Comics 3.33 
  • Mighty (feat. Jfth) 3.23 
  • Aftermath 3.06 
  • Wonderland 3.11 
  • Tattoos 3.28 
  • Midnight3.26 
  • Russian 4.02 
  • Wonda3.45 
  • Human leather shoes for crocodile dandies4.34 
  • Lay Down3.09 

Total running time: 39:27

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