Keep Pushing
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:02/10/2015
  • Label:Reel People
  • Price:$42.95
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Keep Pushing

Tony Momrelle

'Your time is here,' wholeheartedly sings Tony Momrelle on the opening (title) track of his towering new album Keep Pushing. And so, frankly, is his. Pieced together over the past two years after the game-changing release of EP Fly forced many to reassess Momrelle's artistic profile, it is a broad yet revelatory work. As singer, songwriter and co-producer, Momrelle has delivered his own clear vision - a vision wedded to contemporary soul as much as it is to soulful music, full stop.

The album's titular opener is spectacular case in point, Momrelle rising up upon an urgent, rousing combination of piano, horns and punchy strings to deliver a universal message of motivation and selfconfidence in the face of oppression. The addition of wiry patter from Brooklyn hip-hop big-shot Talib Kweli only quickens the mood further. Elsewhere Lay It All Down pivots determinedly upon layers of guitar and pensive melody as Momrelle offers similar hope of resolving life's problems and moving on - this time, in the context of a relationship. It's gripping stuff, the sheer soulfulness of Momrelle's delivery carrying the open-minded arrangements exactly where they need to go. There are, of course, classic soul beats. Back Together Again , a lovedup duet with Chantae Cann, floats fine vocal interplay over a deliciously smooth, Eighties-influenced backing of synths and funky flicks, whilst A Million Ways is a dreamy balladeering blur of jazzy keys and classic piano, and All The Things You Are is lovingly crafted around silken backing harmonies and some irresistibly deep tunefulness. '

Momrelle continues to surprise and delight, for there is as much drive and purpose in his album's quieter moments as those that are fully fuelled and funked. Come And Get It is a soaring demonstration of Momrelle in full flow, the breezy, uplifting arrangement and snappy beats carrying him confidently forward; much as the peppy strut of This Could Be Us also does. But with just a delicate piano and heartfelt lyrics urging faith in vast adversity, It's Real elevates Momrelle to triumphant new heights. The album's finale Remember takes a similar approach but is no less remarkable, Momrelle swelling with gospel-tinged intensity as more elegant piano leads into powerful strings and the kind of tear-jerking finale that artist albums can only dream of.

Track Listing

  • Keep Pushing (feat. Talib Kweli)4.25 
  • Pick Me Up3.52 
  • Back Together Again (feat. Chantae Cann)5.13 
  • A Million Ways4.34 
  • It's Real3.28 
  • Come and Get It3.58 
  • Lay It All Down4.24 
  • Different Street (feat. Tony Remy)4.59 
  • This Could Be Us4.44 
  • All the Things You Are4.02 
  • Remember3.05 

Total running time: 46:44

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