Electro Swing VIII mixed by Bart & Baker
  • Genre:Electro Swing
  • Released:09/10/2015
  • Label:Wagram
  • Price:$44.95
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Electro Swing VIII mixed by Bart & Baker

Various Artists

We are excited to announce the 8th CD edition of The Electric Swing Compilation. The series started in 2009 following the success of the first album of Caravan Palace.

Bart&Baker have compiled and mixed most of this volume, offering an insight into movers and shakers for those addicted to this music style.

This latest collection comprises 24 tracks ranging from classic artists like Caravan Palace, Caro Emerald, Swingrowers and Swing Republic. But it also welcomes new swing kids on the block including Marcella Puppini, founder of the still hot band The Puppini Sisters, who is developing an electro swing side project before the release of the band’s next album. Swahn, Jive Me & Extra Medium represent the best of the breed of young Web 3.0 bedroom producers who may become the future Parov or Caravan.

Traditional followers of, and newcomers to electro swing know that swing is all about melody and rhythm. They will be pleased by the tracks from Dj Farrapo, Caro Emerald, Swing Republic, Budapest bar, Gilda, Elle & The Pocketbelles have created cool pop tunes to make your mother shake her hips!

Track Listing

  • Clap Your Hands - Parov Stelar 
  • Rock It for Me - Caravan Palace 
  • Don't Scream (Smokey Joe & the Kid Remix) - Chinese Men  
  • Showgirl (Bart&Baker Remix) - The Gentlemen Callers of LA  
  • French Romance (Bart&Baker Remix) - Soviet Suprem  
  • St. James Infirmary (King Britt Remix) - Preservation Jazz Hall Band  
  • Enjoy the Moment (Bart&Baker Remix) - Swingrowers 
  • I'm in the Mood for Trouble (Bart&Baker Remix) - Marcella Puppini  
  • Doing the Uptown Downtown - Jive Me 
  • That Lady - Extra Medium  
  • Rugged Tango - Swahn 
  • Swinging On a Rhyme (Bart&Baker Remix) - Fort Knox Five 
  • Money Money Money - Budapest Bar 
  • Gavotte De Carotte (Klishee Remix) - Traktororkestar  
  • Swinging Together (Cat @ the H@Q Remix) - Elle & The Pocketbelles  
  • Wah De Dah (Louie Prima & Wolfgang Lohr Remix) - Harry Roy & his Orchestra  
  • Don't Get Me Wrong (feat. Lucinda Belle) - Odjbox  
  • Trouble - Jenova Collective 1 Clayface  
  • Schon - Smokey Joe & The Kid  
  • Whitestick - S Strong  
  • Looney Swing (Original Mix) - Swahn  
  • Careless Whisper (Bart&Baker Remix) - Scott Bradless & Post Modern Jukebox  
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