Soul Shine: 16 Contemporary Summer Soul Vibes
  • Genre:Soul
  • Released:24/07/2015
  • Label:Expansion Records
  • Price:$39.95
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Soul Shine: 16 Contemporary Summer Soul Vibes

Various Artists

It's summertime, and feel good uplifting collections of quality, luxurious and contemporary soul tunes come no better than this. 'Soul Shine' is hot! Starting with new Atlanta sensation Leon Timbo with an exclusive, the magnificent 'You're My Darling' already contributing to the soundtrack of summer 2015. Tracks by Crossroads, Soul Talk, Tony Remy, Neo, Victor Haynes all prolific in soul charts but not previously available on CD until now, much like the two stunning Nigel Lowis mixes for Ola Onabule and Samuel D. Sanders, current 7" wonders, but now in their full length glory with the closest anyone has got to re-creating the sound of Phialdelphia in the 21st century! Here too is an exclusive from Sheree Brown in another brand new collaboration with Soul Talk, more Philly magic from Victor Fields with an amazing tribute to Lou Rawls, Russian soul from Olga with Incognito for the first time on CD, Bulgarian soul and jazz fusion from Ruth Koleva, a gorgeous duet from Tracy Hamlin and Frank McComb and much much more!

Track Listing

  • You're My Darling - Leon Timbo 7.22 
  • Since I Found You - Crossroads 4.36 
  • Lighthouse - Tony Remy 4.50 
  • Beyond the Stage - Carmen Rodgers 3.35 
  • Soul Town (Nigel Lowis Remix) - Ola Onabule 7.10 
  • Too Much in Love - Olga Makovetskaya 3.57 
  • Not Giving Up - Soul Talk 4.13 
  • All Your Love - Sheree Brown 4.31 
  • Let Me Be Good to You - Victor Fields 4.49 
  • Make You Mine - Samuel D. Sanders 6.03 
  • What Am I Supposed To? (Kaidi Tatham Remix) - Ruth Koleva 6.12 
  • One Day at a Time - Chelsea Wilson 4.46 
  • Repertoire (Groovecity Hornz Mix) - James Day 3.24 
  • Picking Myself Up - Victor Haynes 4.28 
  • My Good Day - Tracy Hamlin 3.43 
  • Your Smile (Cw's Unlimited Gold Remix) - Neo 4.59 

Total running time: 78:38

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