East Cosmos Vol. 1 By Ping
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:29/01/2016
  • Label:Wormland Music
  • Price:$49.95
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East Cosmos Vol. 1 By Ping

Various Artists

The cosmos or the universe, is the found arrangement of all matter and energy, beginning with the elementary particles to larger structures such as galaxies and galaxy clusters. Cosmology, a branch of both the physics and the contemporary philosophy of science, is concerned with the study of the universe and tries to answer characteristics of the universe, such as the question of the fine-tuned universe.

With the CD East Cosmos Vol. 1 is a new star of the popular and vibrant East family. After the great success of all East Hotel series, such as the East Mandarin, Cinnamon east, Clouds by East, Upper East, or East Coast, it's time, the latest prank; the maker to introduce the East Cosmos Vol. 1 by Ping.

Like all the other East series, this CD features a super high-quality packaging and has also been compiled by the almost legendary East resident DJ Ping, who is known for his exceptional musical taste.

A double CD in book format (The Lounge Side / The Bar Side), with a 36-page booklet and lovingly selected tracks and remixes from artists such ReUnited, Marcel, Dr. Packer, Lexer, Autodeep, Chi Thanh, Booka Shade.

Track Listing

  • Sun Is Shining (Out Of Sight Remix) - Various Artists, Reunited4.27 
  • The Whistler - Marcel3.24 
  • Easy Ain't Nothin (Featurecastremix) - Ephemerals4.17 
  • Man Funk - Guts feat. Leron Thomas3.53 
  • Let's Get It On - Marcel feat. Rasco3.28 
  • Something To Believe (Orig. Mix) - Flashbaxx5.31 
  • Stuck In A Dream - Soulavenue4.09 
  • American Boy - Ely Bruna feat. Neja4.11 
  • Can't Stop This Feeling (Orig.Mix) - Sixth Avenue Express5.56 
  • I Still Hate Hate (Santiga Orig. Mix) - Razzy Bailey6.31 
  • When I Hear That Music (Prig. Mix) - Ron Basejam4.56 
  • Last Night (Orig. Mix) - Dr. Packer6.06 
  • Saturday In The Park (Kenny Summit's Break) - Chicago4.07 
  • Thinking About You - Moonsound & Sllash4.17 
  • Sweet Love (Lexer Remix) - Lissat & Voltaxx feat. J.Kae5.52 
  • The Thrill Is Gone (New Radio Edit) - Mhe2.48 
  • For Too Long (South West Sevenremix) - Autodeep7.24 
  • Missing - Moe Turk & Pym4.32 
  • When Doves Cry (Orig. Mix) - Ynot & Cosmo Klein5.52 
  • Stone (Orig. Mix) - Chi Thanh6.28 
  • Love Drug (Jean Aita Remix) - Booka Shade feat. F. Helder6.08 
  • When The Music Starts (Orig. Mix) - Quinten 909 & Donagrandi4.00 
  • Sun (Josha Remix) - Philippe Heithier6.56 
  • Oui Germana (Mattei&Mich Remix) - Moe Danger5.44 
  • Delight (Orig. Mix) - Giacca & Flores5.06 
  • Hey Sunshine (Orig. Mix) - Sugarstarr feat. Alexander5.28 

Total running time: 131:31

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