Buddha Bar XVIII by Ravin & Sam Popat
  • Genre:World
  • Released:27/05/2016
  • Label:Wagram
  • Price:$59.95
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Buddha Bar XVIII by Ravin & Sam Popat

Various Artists

For 20 years now, the arrival of spring is synonymous with Buddha-Bar.
And that the "Buddha Lovers" rest assured, 2016 is no exception to this rule.
At the helm of this new album, a duet that proved day after day at the prestigious Paris Buddha Bar, DJ Ravin and DJ Sam Popat, both residents since the late 90's. Ravin, passionate and Lounge movement of precursor take you on a holistic and intoxicating journey by signing a 1 CD rich in love and emotion. Sam, inveterate clubber Parisian, always looking for new beats and new trends, takes you into ethnic electro universe in an ever more exciting and captivating cd2. Throughout this mystical tour, discover new titles Bombay Dub Orchestra, Midival Punditz or Papercut but also remixes exclusively created for the occasion by Fabrice Dayan Dreamers Inc. or Dole and Kom. For the last 20 years, Spring Time has always rhymed with Buddha-Bar. So do not freak out Buddha-Bar lovers, 2016 will be no exception to this tradition.

Behind this new opus, a duo featuring DJ Ravin and DJ Sam Popat, both, resident DJ since the 90's, Who-have proven Their worth and Stood the test of time over the years Ravin, passionated and pioneer of the Lounge music movement, will take you to a holistic and enchanting journey by signing the rich CD 1 charged with emotions. Sam, a heavy Parisian clubber, always looking for new music beats and trends will take you to his world infused with electro-ethic music with CD 2 has always more exciting and bold. Along this mystical adventure, discover new tracks from the Bombay Dub Orchestra, Midival Punditz gold Papercut goal aussi remixes Exclusively created for the occasion by Fabrice Dayan Dreamers Inc. or Dole and Kom.

Track Listing

  • Ambray - Azure 
  • Lena Kaufman - Blessed Is Who Realized Himself (Thor Deep Trip Vocal) 
  • Thomas Blondet feat. Carol C - Un Amor 
  • 55 Cancri E - Vaggvisa 
  • Fondue - Absolem (Afterlife Mix) 
  • Dom La Nena - Menina Dos Olhos Azuis (Piers Faccini Remix) 
  • Angel Tears & Sagi Ohayon - Ya Mamma 
  • Kid Moxie - Shadow Heart (Hp Hoeger & Rusty Egan Remix) 
  • Mashti - Dahraram 
  • Jacob Gurevitsch - Tiden Der Forstar 
  • Bombay Dub Orchestra - Egypt By Air (Earthrise SoundSystem Remix) 
  • Eccodek - The Big Man (Rise Ashen Remix) 
  • Red Axes - Sabor feat. Abrao 
  • Second Sky - Dragon Fly 
  • Troels Hammer - Madsi 
  • Dreamers Inc feat. Billy Esteban - Alladin's Wish 
  • Andre Rizo - Tamana (feat. Niyaz) 
  • Dole & Kom - Away 
  • Sam Popat - Puga Land (Original Mix) 
  • Jaceo - Jolgorio (Original Mix) 
  • Shaman & Sam Popat - Karma Kandara 
  • Fabrice Dayan - La Maza (Original Mix) 
  • Andre Rizo feat. Narcia Suciu - Colindul Cerbui 
  • Dole & Kom - Fly Bar (feat. Seth Schwarz) 
  • Sis - Sombra India feat. Eduardo Castillo (Eduardo Castillo Remix) 
  • Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu Remix [Edit]) 
  • Dan Marciano - Unlimited (Original Mix) 
  • Bernstein & Rivera - Deep (Wally Lopez Mix) 
  • Gauthier DM - Irma 
  • Rivers - Soft (Dani Zavera Remix)  
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