• Genre:Pop
  • Released:01/06/2015
  • Label:Oursoul Records
  • Price:$29.95
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Hindi Zahra

Cosmopolitan singer, multi-instrumentalist Hindi Zahra returns with Homeland, a mesmerising new voyage. An ode to her origins, recorded between Morocco, Spain and Paris, "Homeland" is intense, filled with poetic vibrations and the singer's velvety voice.

Hindi Zahra grew up in Morocco surrounded by music and dance. She moved to Paris aged 12, and made her first live appearance at 17. Composed ten years agao ‘Beautiful Tango' was the prelude to her first album, Homemade, released in 2010. Her music was already unfused with her personal vision, style and tempo. Hindi Zahra toured the world for two and a half years with Handmade, giving 400 concerts.

Her new album, Homeland is like turning the pages of a travel diary, like hearing a life story. They are all blended together and carried along by a heady, swaying tempo which has become the album's destination. Songs of an adventurer, resurging form the innermost depths to dance on waves and wander across deserts. There is melancholy in Hindi Zahra's songs but there is ecstasy in her voice which sends melismas spiralling around the world. The destination is a progressive world soul music which gently, deeply liberates the body and the heart.

Track Listing

  • To The Forces4.41 
  • Silence4.26 
  • Any Story4.19 
  • Un jour5.19 
  • Can We Dance4.36 
  • La Luna4.00 
  • The Blues3.54 
  • Broken Ones4.10 
  • Dream5.50 
  • Cabo Verde3.01 
  • The Moon Is Full4.58 

Total running time: 49:14

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