The Radicle
  • Genre:Funk
  • Released:15/02/2016
  • Label:Strictly Rhythm Records
  • Price:$34.95
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The Radicle

Tim Deluxe

The Radicle is vastly different from the majority of electronic albums out there. It has a decidedly soulful, blues-y feel and instead of the ‘here's ten club tracks, will this do' approach, Tim took his time and immersed himself completely into the record, surrounding himself with some of the best contemporary jazz musicians around, including Jim Mullen (guitar), Rod Youngs and Enzo Zirilli (drums), Pete Wareham (sax), Jay Phelps (trumpet), John Donaldson (piano) and Ben Hazleton (bass).

The Radicle was born out of a pure love of real instruments and instrumentation and a desire to return to the source. "Working with musicians really inspired me again" comments Tim. "I started having piano lessons once a week with my teacher Cherry and started reconnecting directly with the music via the instrument, rather than going out and clubbing, I was listening to old jazz records. With The Radicle I really had the vision about what I wanted to achieve."

The Radicle is a nine track sonic adventure with ideas bursting from every kick and lick. There's even a cover of the Miles Davis classic ‘So What!' which bends the trumpet classic into new forms while ‘SHANTI' explores a more mystical, Indian vibe with a sax solo John Coltrane would be proud of. There are no synthesizers or electronics on the record: in some respects, it's also a reaction against the electronic world.

Track Listing

  • Jas5.08 
  • Feelings 5.06 
  • Captain, Captain 5.03 
  • Love Is 4.16 
  • Unsung Hero 5.12 
  • Dah Dance 5.39 
  • So What! 3.12 
  • Tryin' Find A Way 6.57 
  • Shanti 5.02 
  • Spirals Pt. 1 + 2 7.09 

Total running time: 52:44

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