Ten Thousand Things
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:01/07/2016
  • Label:Subatomic UK
  • Price:$37.95
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Ten Thousand Things


Afterlife has been at the forefront of all-things Balearic from pretty much the beginning. When Jose Padilla asked him to write a track for Cafe Del Mar volume 3, he never looked back, featuring on numerous Cafe Del Mar compilations both as an artist and as an engineer, and DJing with the best of them in San Antonio Bay. Ten Thousand Things represents his ninth artist album. 

In his words: 

"Ten Thousand Things is a Taoist description of the universe made up from the 5 elements. It set me thinking... music is a whole universe to me and there seems to also be 5 elements involved; voice, rhythm, melody, texture and emotion... so that was a starting point insofar as the title was born. This album is very personal and a lot more analogue, I wanted to write a solo album but along the way I met two very irresistible songwriters, so it does contain two vocal tracks. 

One features the incredibly talented and fresh sounding Coppe, a Japanese electronic artist and songwriter who I first met last year whilst producing the DF Tram album, and the other track features Joel Edwards (half of Deepest Blue). The rest are instrumentals I have written in the last 6 months since I bought a Moog Sub 37, Roland TR8 drum machine and the new Prophet 6. I turned on the computer, sent midi clock to them all to lock in sync and then turned the computer monitor off for the writing process which was really liberating. I think it's all too easy to be guided by the grid on a computer screen and all too cumbersome using a mouse to access control surfaces. Flipping through multiple sub menus to tweak a sound blocks the creative process or at least slows it down at precisely the wrong time i.e. when you have a vision in your head and just want to get it


Track Listing

  • Ten Thousand Things 5.18 
  • Tonto 6.16 
  • Monkey Butter 5.31 
  • La Torre 5.22 
  • Tuvan 5.12 
  • Sunburn by Afterlife & Joel Edwards 4.42 
  • Res Freq 5.18 
  • Shortwave 4.50 
  • Love Alters 5.02 
  • The Piano at the End of the Universe 5.35 
  • People 4.24 

Total running time: 57:30

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