• Genre:RNB
  • Released:26/02/2016
  • Label:Brian McKnight Music
  • Price:$36.95
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Brian McKnight

McKnight, who has 16 Grammy Award nominations under his belt, is sticking to his R&B roots on his new record. 'I'm taking it back to basics' he explains. 'Creating music like we did 20 years ago - completely organic, all real instruments. The truth is, I'm in love and love makes us better, it makes us come alive, and I wanted to convey that through this album in a very relatable, authentic way.' This feeling can certainly be heard on new single 'Uh Oh Feeling' The singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has been no stranger to collaboration in his 20 years in the music industry, having worked with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Quincy Jones to Justin Timberlake as well as a unique performance with Drake at last year's ESPY Awards. Better continues this trend, as McKnight worked with Hawaiian vocalist Kimié Miner and rapper Glasses Moses. The album also includes Brian's long time guitarists Chris Loftlin and Tyrone Chase, who he has worked with for over 10 years.

Sold over 25 million albums worldwide!

Track Listing

  • Strut4.28 
  • Just Enough3.49 
  • Can't Take It4.53 
  • Better3.42 
  • Uh Oh Feeling3.42 
  • Like I Do3.31 
  • Lovin You From A Distance4.18 
  • Goodbye (feat. Kimie Miner)4.24 
  • Get You Into My Life (feat. Glasses Malone)4.16 
  • Enough3.28 
  • Key 2 My Heart (feat. Sixx John)4.42 
  • Just Waiting4.09 

Total running time: 49:22

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