The Day Life Began
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:29/01/2016
  • Label:Shanachie
  • Price:$39.95
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The Day Life Began

Regina Belle

Triple platinum Grammy Award winner Regina Belle has scored major hits in multiple genres - a unique accomplishment. "A Whole New World", the iconic theme song from Disney's Aladdin, firmly established her as a household name, her multiple Top 10 R&B albums accomplished the same to the Urban audience, and most recently, her #1 gospel hit, "God Is Good", catapulted her to the fore-front of the gospel world! The Day Life Began is an inspirational R&B album which displays Regina Belle's broad range of talents at their very best. Produced by the Grammy nominated production team, The Heavyweights (whose equally broad range of talents stretch all the way from Tupac to Martina McBride), this album of 10 brilliant originals is a representation of the artist's deepest feelings and strongest beliefs! Highlights include the dramatic gospel/R&B single "He's Alright", the inspirational ballad "You Saw The Good In Me", the moving parent to child message song "Be Careful Out There" and much more! "A show stopper with star power" - Essence Magazine "Regina Belle is among the elite...her listeners will forever come back for more" -

Essence Magazine: "A Show stopper with star power"                                       

Track Listing

  • The Day Life Began 4.02 
  • He's Alright 4.03 
  • You Know How To Love Me 4.06 
  • Imperfect Love 4.36 
  • You3.47 
  • Live 4 You 3.30 
  • You Saw The Good In Me 4.30 
  • Open Our Eyes 3.32 
  • A Night Of Love 4.20 
  • Be Careful Out There 3.27 

Total running time: 39:53

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