Love In A Time Of Madness
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:24/02/2017
  • Label:Blue Note
  • Price:$34.95
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Love In A Time Of Madness

Jose James

On his fourth album for the Blue Note label, James deftly underlines jazz's flexibility in relation to new pop trends, the way Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis did in the past.

Modern jazz fans have a right to feel possessive about the singer Jose James. In the last decade, he’s been one of the suavest vocal improvisers on the scene. His 2015 album devoted to songs made popular by Billie Holiday, Yesterday I Had the Blues, sounded to me like the most soulful tribute to come out during Lady Day’s centennial.

Steeped as he is in jazz, James has also shown a restlessness with strict genre categorization. He’s described his love of funk, R&B and hip-hop in interviews. And when Blue Note announced his new album, the label’s press release bore a striking quote from the artist: “I could make jazz albums the rest of my life, but I want to reach people, man. I like Jamie xx as much as I like Miles Davis, you know?” 

Track Listing

  • Always There 
  • What Good Is Love 
  • Let It Fall - Jose James, Mali Music 
  • Last Night 
  • Remember Our Love 
  • Live Your Fantasy 
  • Ladies Man 
  • To Be With You 
  • You Know I Know 
  • Break Through 
  • Closer 
  • I'm Yours - Jose James, Oleta Adams 
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