Real Ibiza Vol. 10: A Selection of Balearic, sun-drenched and laid back sounds. Compiled by Loudery
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:28/07/2017
  • Label:React
  • Price:$29.95
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Real Ibiza Vol. 10: A Selection of Balearic, sun-drenched and laid back sounds. Compiled by Loudery

Various Artists

Its summer, Real Ibiza is back and we are onto our tenth volume. It may have taken us 19 years to get this far but all things come to those who wait. As usual the musical scope is pure Balearic but the producers at work come from all points around the world.

We open our summer salvo of blissful melodies with a trio of big name musicians; Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green joins with chill-out lord Chris Coco for their version of the Albatross classic. Electronic wizards The Orb float on by with their beatless remix. Next we are off to Australia where Gary B smoothly sets the tempo with his haunting vocal and cavernous, laid back grooves.

Netherlands based Symbols Of Sound are next with their Balearic smooth jazz of Look At The Stars. Aimes from West Coast US is next with plucky, smokebelch-like Grooving In Guatemala. Italian Balearic legend Danielle Baldelli pairs with DJ Rocca for their melodic seaside soundscape that is Poouli. Next two Russian producers; First, Sad Radio On Cassini lifts us and carries us away with his sweet and deep synth layers before Cardmoth strips it back for a note by note melody on a solo acoustic guitar.

Norwegians Plastic Fantastic take things on a jazzy twist with the bongo, guitar and flute melodious ditty. Keeping the theme of the Spanish guitar JR Haim is next with an exclusive Heimweh. UK based Kinara are next with their lazy afternoon-ed Longest Day. Next Italians Audio Affair give us a slice of Balearic soul with their smooth vocal slider Living The Life. Australian Mission Brown get moody with Rusted before 70's French Cameroonian artist Tchammy Patterson relights his musical career with the slow swing beat of Africa Melodie.

We round off the trip with quietly optimistic and uplifting Amethyst from UK producer Audio Glider before some slow Floating from Johannes Huppetz and a stargazingly, fantastical closer from the Italian duo the Diaphanoids with Too Many Stars Not Enough Light.

Track Listing

  • Albatross (The Orb Beatless Remix) - Chris Coco & Peter Green7.41 
  • Live It Now - Gary B4.31 
  • Look at the Stars - Symbols of Sound4.02 
  • Grooving in Guatemala - Aimes5.19 
  • Poouli (Sara Havlicek Remix) - Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca5.44 
  • Blue Sky - Sad Radio on Cassini4.26 
  • Good Dream - Cardmoth1.22 
  • Tranquillo - Plastic Fantastic7.02 
  • Heimweh - JR Haim4.16 
  • Longest Day - Kinara5.54 
  • Living the Life - Audio Affair4.58 
  • Rusted - Mission Brown3.39 
  • Africa Melodie - Tchammy Patterson7.05 
  • Amethyst - Audio Glider7.15 
  • Floating - Johannes Huppertz3.33 
  • Too Many Stars and Not Enough Light - The Diaphanoids3.55 

Total running time: 80:42

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