Modern Latin Jazz
  • Genre:Nu Jazz
  • Released:06/07/2018
  • Label:Schema
  • Price:$59.95
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Modern Latin Jazz

Gerardo Frisina

The title's a great one here – as Gerardo Frisina has been one of the few contemporary artists trying to find a fresh voice for Latin Jazz – which he does beautifully by blending classic albums and a more current sense of club! The 2CD package brings together unreleased material with tracks from many of Frisina's vinyl-only releases – making for the CD debut of most tracks here, and the first appearance of a few others! All the numbers share that wonderful sensibility that Gerardo's had in his music for years – a way of taking acoustic elements and reworking them through modern rhythm programs – then topping them anew with fresh acoustic elements that often include a fair bit of jazz-based instrumentation! Almost all the work here is instrumental – with some fantastic percussion at the core, lots of warm Fender Rhodes – and other contributions on tenor, trumpet, flute, guitar, and vibes. Unreleased tracks include "Oyela", "Get On Up", "Uma Danca", and "Delirium" – and other titles include "Superstrut", "Passion Dance", "Voice Of The Jungle", "Samba Skindim", "Donke De", "African Nite Life", "Mulata", "Blue Latin", "Incanto", "The Obsession", "Tin Tin Deo", "Moderno Primitivo", "Space In Time (new version)", "African Seeds (rework)", and "Baracoa"

Track Listing

  • Mulata6:26  
  • Uma Dança5:49  
  • Olympia5:47  
  • Blue Latin5:03  
  • Delirium4:42  
  • Naquela Base5:51  
  • Tin Tin Deo6:08  
  • Olympia, Pt. 24:37  
  • Talking Sticks5:42  
  • Baracoa7:01  
  • East Breeze5:33  
  • Incanto5:36  
  • The Obsession5:40  
  • Oyela5:43 
  • Get On Up6:28  
  • African Seeds (Rework)6:17  
  • Space in Time (New Version)5:42  
  • Super Strut (2017 Version)5:35  
  • Moderno primitivo (2017 version)5:51  
  • Passion Dance5:43  
  • Voices of the Jungle5:47  
  • Samba Skindim6:36  
  • Donke De7:28  
  • Joy Shout (Dub Club)6:54  
  • African Nite Life (2017 Version)6:04  

Total running time: 148:3

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