• Genre:Electro
  • Released:09/08/2019
  • Label:Sony Music
  • Price:$39.95
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bon entendeur

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, you are listening to Good Hearing. The collective formed by Arnaud Bonet, Pierre Della Monica and Nicolas Boisseleau, three friends fond of music known for their monthly mixtapes, lovers of French culture, we unveil their first album: Round trip. A cluster of beautiful ideas gathered in an album. Unique in it's genre.
Recognized for their talent to slip mythical, eloquent, vibrant voices on mixed sound. Good Hearing has this desire to speak culture in original version. This sense of aesthetics, appropriateness. And the scene. Behind the turntables, they mix their homage, and move the packed halls on sound while finesse. With this talent of tuning, music, culture and the Francophonie, the collective is touring all over France, Olympia on November 7, 2019 and Zenith in Paris on March 27, 2020.
Never short of ideas: in 2016, they publish a revisit of a 70's song, Le temps est bon. 50 years later, Isabelle Pierre has the wind in its sails: this jump in the seventies refreshed to the sounds of the day is a success. Mingle old with new, convert nostalgia, arrange to hear better. That's all the richness of their album. On their way back and forth, they distil their projects, travel to music through the ages and question the world in the eyes of personalities.
Aller-Retour concentrates the DNA of Bon Entendeur: it is composed of revisited songs of the years 60-70 and original productions mixed with interviews. All arranged with elegance. 14 titles and as many bridges between music and words, between the past and the sounds of the moment. PPDA optimistically tells the story of France and its history on a new sequence of music. Rua Madureira by Nino Ferrer and Love Play on Violin sung by Jeanette are reinvented, scented with electro.
Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening, you are listening to Bon Entendeur, the inexhaustible time of a return trip.

Track Listing

  • Coup de tête3.53 
  • Entrevue Optimisme3.45 
  • Vive nous3.22 
  • Le Temps est bon3.24 
  • La Rua Madureira3.42 
  • Entrevue Experience3.43 
  • Tu fais partie du passe2.51 
  • Mon voisin2.53 
  • Entrevue Seduction3.13 
  • L'amour l'amour l'amour3.07 
  • L'amour joue au violin3.27 
  • Mas amis, mes copains3.18 
  • Love Is Blue3.30 
  • Maria3.31 

Total running time: 47:39

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