In Search Of Lost Time
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:11/10/2019
  • Label:Music For Dreams
  • Price:$28.95
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In Search Of Lost Time

Jacob Gurevitsch

Music For Dreams is thrilled to announce the release of Jacob Gurevitsch’ second album ‘In Search of Lost Time’. In the past few years, the Danish composer and guitar virtuoso has become an international sensation, channeling his melodic sensibility into some of the most streamed guitar tracks in the world. More than 4 million monthly video streams alone, with the ‘Lovers in Paris’ video on some 20M views. Jacob is also a frequent feature on popular chillout / downtempo compilations like Buddha Bar, Milchbar and Jockey Club and a must-play in Ibiza chillout sets.

For long-time followers, his success comes as no surprise, though. Jacob’s Spanish guitar is something of a wonder. His craft is equal parts technique and passion while the feel for emotional resonance is something that comes purely through a deeply personal engagement in his work. With a great diversity of influences, his guitar music feels at home accompanying early morning forest walks in northern Spain, just as it does soundtracking old Italian movies or lovelorn Tango dancers.

‘In Search of Lost Time’ sees Jacob taking his sound a step up in ambition. His songwriting is more refined, and his melodic universe is distilled into landscapes increasing in detail from his debut. As the title reveals, nostalgia is an overarching theme of the record, on which Jacob explores both personal memories and historical periods through his enigmatic, rose-tinted prism. Most importantly, Jacob still isn’t afraid to pour himself into his work, which comes through as an unmistakably authentic and heartfelt touch on each track. Take the Mediterranean-flavoured ‘Poesia Del Mar’, an emotional voyage of the sea, full of soulful keyboards, strings and accordions or ‘El Sham Baofek’, a contemplative piece accompanied by Danish Music Award winner Eran DD, which oozes with melancholy.

On “Besame Mucho”, one of the most famous of classic Mexican boleros, is given the Jacob Gurevitsch treatment. ‘Zsa-Zsa’ the latest single ‘Sand of Joshua’ are nice, tranquil guitar pieces that sit nicely alongside the jazzy Toots Thielemans-vibey ‘Joséphine Avec Les Yeux Fermés’. Finally, both the upbeat, well-received single ’Motive Loco’ and the elegiac and cinematic opus ‘In Search of Lost Time’ are sure to stick around in your head long after listening. Two future classics, we’re sure.

Track Listing

  • In Search of Lost Time3:20 
  • Poesia de la Mar4:18 
  • Spanish Inquisition7:01 
  • Zsa-Zsa3:11 
  • Josephine avec lesyeux fermés3:32 
  • Motivo Loco4:57 
  • Ei Sham Baofek4:46 
  • Besame Mucho7:26 
  • Sand of Joshua4:00 
  • Dr Ramirez5:31 
  • Gamla Stan5:25 
  • La Maison Verte4:18 

Total running time: 57:45

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