• Genre:Beats
  • Released:28/08/2020
  • Label:Night Time Stories
  • Price:$27.95
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‘Mordechai’ is Khruangbin at their most grounded and energetic, the tempo slightly raised with vocals infiltrating nearly every track — all three members sing throughout. The band artfully showcase their musical knowledge to create a project which marks a clear distinction for the largely instrumental band. With ‘Mordechai’, Khruangbin have at once expanded their horizons while rooting their latest project in a sound they’ve made their own.


No wonder Khruangbin, who make psychedelic music that travels between eras and continents, have become low-key stars in the past decade. Guitarist Mark Speer and drummer Donald “DJ” Johnson played in a gospel band together at St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown Houston – the same church that Beyoncé, Solange and the rest of the Knowles family frequent.

The band, who grace the digital cover of NME this week, were immediately distinctive from the moment they released their 2015 debut ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’, and the timelessness of their sound carried over to its triumphant successor, 2018’s ‘Con Todo El Mundo’. Throughout their work, meandering guitar chords, lackadaisical drum patterns centre around light, catchy bass, creating a warm atmosphere. On their latest album, ‘Mordechai’, the typically mysterious Texan trio continue to explore their unique melodies, while introducing newfound candour.

Track Listing

  • "First Class"4:46 
  • "Time (You and I)"5:42 
  • "Connaissais de Face"4:20 
  • "Father Bird, Mother Bird"3:05 
  • "If There is No Question"5:53 
  • "Pelota"2:47 
  • "One to Remember"4:30 
  • "Dearest Alfred"3:58 
  • "So We WonÂít Forget"4:58 
  • "Shida" 3:54 

Total running time: 43:53

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