We Are
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:17/09/2021
  • Label:Verve
  • Price:$24.95
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We Are

Jon Batiste

Chances are, you know Jon Batiste, a lot of us invite him into our living room each night as the bandleader and musical director of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But it's not every bandleader that can step up and become a frontperson. But Jon Batiste is not every bandleader.

This album exudes the energy of a generous musical soul, who wants to let the songs win and wants the egos parked as far away from the music stands as possible. There's plenty of great guests including the voice of Mavis Staples and the guitar work of Cory Wong, who is based in Minnesota, but the core of the record is Jon Batiste's musical universe.

New Orleans is all over this album, the brass, the shuffles, the bounce and the prideful celebration of black traditions and cultures. Jon Batiste is steeped in it and whether he's panting a picture of childhood hijinks on BOYHOOD or exploring the trauma that the world can put on our shoulders on CRY, he does it with an insatiable spirit of generosity

Track Listing

  • We Are4:25 
  • Tell The Truth3:21 
  • Cry3:57 
  • I Need You2:37 
  • Whatchutalkinbout2:22 
  • Boy Hood4:26 
  • Movement 11'2:02 
  • Adulthood3:42 
  • Mavis0:20 
  • Freedom2:58 
  • Show Me The Way3:40 
  • Sing3:07 
  • Until1:02 

Total running time: 37:59

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