No one built this moment
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Label:Music For Dreams
  • Price:$29.95
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No one built this moment


No One Built This Moment is the brand new album from the Danish quartet Bliss - featuring Boy George, the former lead singer of Culture Club; Sophie Barker of Zero 7; and Lisbeth Scott from Steven Spielberg's Munich and Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Tracks move easily through up-beat electro grooves and mellow chill-out melodies. Instruments include strings, synths, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion and piano while the female vocals are a unique blend of Lucinda Drayton and Deya Dova.

Track Listing

  • People Among Us4.08 
  • Calling (feat. Sophie Barker)6.12 
  • Trust In Your Love (feat Ane Brun)5.30 
  • Overture (feat. Sophie Barker & Merethe Sveistrup)3.57 
  • So Still (feat. Sophie Barker)4.24 
  • American Heart (feat. Boy George & Alexandra Hamnede)6.36 
  • Mivahetsek (feat. Lisbeth Scott)5.00 
  • Bazcar Azad (feat. Lisbeth Scott)5.20 
  • Stop Me (feat. Sophie Barker)5.34 
  • Light to your Life (feat. Sophie Barker)5.25 
  • The Hope (feat. Sophie Barber, Lisbeth Scott, Merethe Sveistrup)4.11 

Total running time: 56:17

Brilliant Cinematic Chillout

It must have been a very difficult job trying to follow up the fabulously successful ‘Quiet Letters’, but this Danish quartet have made the wait worthwhile!

The sounds as before are mellow chill, acoustic and soulful world beat.

Boy George is guest on vocals as is Sophie Barker from Zero 7 who could inspire comparisons to Sade or Massive Attack.

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5th June 2009

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