Ballroom Stories
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Label:Dope Noir
  • Price:$34.95
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Ballroom Stories


After a long break viennese producer Waldeck is back with his new album "ballroom stories". lose the spliff, get off the sofa and twirl your feet on the polished dancefl oors of the ballrooms and speakeasies of the late 1920s, because that is where waldeck has taken us. swing meets tango in a heavenly cocktail promising a life richer than the thick smoke of cuban cigars.

The opener "Make my Day" reminds of the days when Al Capone was making a fortune by selling booze. Singer Joy Malcolm gives us an impressive performance of how she would have sounded, if she were born 60 years earlier.

Another highlight "Addicted" sneaks in with an intriguing bass line and a healthy dose of tango-feeling. Zeebee is the new voice on this masterpiece.


Dope Noir

Track Listing

  • Make My Day 2.50 
  • Jerry Weintraub 3.08 
  • Memories 3.54 
  • Addicted 3.57 
  • So Black & Blue 3.29 
  • Midsummer Night Blues 4.37 
  • Why Did We Fire the Gun? 5.35 
  • Dope Noir 4.14 
  • Get Up ... Carmen 4.01 
  • Bei Mir Bist du Schon (dub)4.10 
  • Our Day Will Come 4.49 

Total running time: 44:44

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