Buddha Bar XI by Ravin
  • Genre:World
  • Label:Wagram
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Buddha Bar XI by Ravin

Various Artists

Buddha Bar Xi - It's already been 12 years since the simply famous Buddha-Bar compilations adventure started: 12 years of DJs pushing their limits to make you dream and travel; 12 years of travelling the world searching for the next hit, the next artist that deserves to be called one. After Dubaï, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Beirut, the Buddha Bar development reaches Kiev, Ukraine. After making the history of venue compilations for over a decade, Ravin takes over the decks again and offers a playlist to die for with this 11th opus taking us to Kiev. Ravin spreads his wings and signs one of his most dreamy selection, a fresh, dynamic and very trendy selection. On the first Cd, a chic and lounge atmosphere with such rarities as Melle Caro, Evabe, Ayoe and Angelica. The 2nd Cd reveals an elegant electro ambiance, distilling magic tracks with love and passion: "My Danjer sound" by Dj Danjer, "Consequences" by Blank & Jones that soon will become classics on the electro scene. Wagram

Track Listing

  • Iman3:32 
  • Journey4:12 
  • Setira4:15 
  • Dr Jekyll3:50 
  • Smell of Roses4:06 
  • Kiyamah5:19 
  • Shadowland3:18 
  • Maha - Amba5:29 
  • Zaira3:37 
  • Falling Stars5:23 
  • Cheek to Cheek3:22 
  • Loving You4:42 
  • Purple Orchid5:01 
  • We were there5:14 
  • Aqua3:21 
  • Small 23:20 
  • Mon Ange5:20 
  • My Life5.19 
  • Piano Dream5.02 
  • Love in War3.50 
  • Kalp Karb Karsi4.39 
  • Friend5.46 
  • Echoes4.20 
  • Gobbledygook3.53 
  • Erja Ya Habebi6.38 
  • Marrakesh Night5.03 
  • My Danjer Sound5.10 
  • Sitar4.28 
  • Spring Breeze5.43 
  • Tribute6.24 
  • Shambhalla4.56 
  • God's Garden5.27 

Total running time: 149:59

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