• Genre:Electro
  • Label:Colette, Paris
  • Price:$32.95
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Various Artists

What does this mysterious logo stand for? No, Colette did not create its own express delivery service, "COLETTEXPRESS" is THE latest compilation by Michel Gaubert and Marie Branellec, who stayed true to their eclecticism, for a new dense and generous opus. Priority delivery at colette, starting October 2nd, under a sealed enveloppe: open with caution! That enveloppe went through a lot before getting between your hands... Right behind the Iron Curtain with a first track of psyche Hungarian rock, then through Metronomy's brain and legs, and finally in electro experts' hands from Paris to Melbourne. It was then left in the kitchen where Onra prepares the best nuggets, sauce Vietnamese, and where Senor Coconut dips Jamie Lidell soul into a clever mixture of copper and spices. In the meantime, in the bathroom, Dominator drank cologne and Hot Chip has been reduced to the max by Supermayer. Our enveloppe then crossed the Atlantic for a New York party with punchy James Pants, Syclops, Tussle and Hercules who remixed Chaz Jankel's disco... We thought we lost the enveloppe throught the long, long night, but it came back after staying at sect Dio Serpente. Colette Paris

Track Listing

  • Ringsad El Magad No.2 - Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser3.50 
  • Shempi - Ratatat3.58 
  • Holiday - Metronomy4.11 
  • Ouohoho (Bumblebeez Remix) - You!3.39 
  • Shadows - Midnight Juggernauts4.14 
  • Somatone - The Oscillation4.18 
  • Word Problems - Harmonic 3135.24 
  • The Anthem - Onra1.49 
  • Little Bit of Feel Good - (Senor Coconut Remix) Jamie Lidell3.34 
  • Relax In Mui Ne - Onra2.14 
  • One Pure Thought - (Supermayer Remix) Hot Chip7.45 
  • Modernism Begins at Home - Jorg Burger4.59 
  • Get myself together (Hercules Hercbump mix) - Chaz Jankel4.00 
  • We're Through - James Pants3.32 
  • NR17 - Syclops5.38 
  • Testament (feat. Gonjasufi) - Flying Lotus2.27 
  • Transparent C - Tussle7.05 
  • Drums and Drums #4 - Augusto Martelli2.44 

Total running time: 75:21

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