Hotel Costes Vol. 12
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:19/09/2009
  • Label:Pschent
  • Price:$34.95
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Hotel Costes Vol. 12

Various Artists

The Hotel Costes series is more than ever a reference to Parisian luxury and refinement. Having sold almost four million albums, each new volume has worldwide success. With its sublime packaging and a top of the range musical selection, each release causes a frenzy. For this twelfth volume Stéphane Pompougnac proposes a mix of electronic music, acoustic instruments and warm vocals in the true tradition of Hôtel Costes.

French Import

Track Listing

  • Unforscene - Alright3.43 
  • General Elektriks - Raid The Radio3.47 
  • Stephane Pompougnac - Latin Cha Cha4.38 
  • Normalites - Pink Skyscraper5.16 
  • Natural Self - In The Morning (Version)3.57 
  • Tafubar -The Wicked Thoughts Of You (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Remix)5.50 
  • Afterlife And Pete Gooding Pres. No Logo - How Many More Years4.55 
  • Damian Lazarus - Diamond In The Dark3.10 
  • Malik Alary ft. Manu D - I Have To Run Away3.44 
  • Massivan - 2 B @ 1 With The World4.49 
  • The Revolution, Cameron Mcvey & Stan Kybert - You Wouldn't Want To Be3.43 
  • Charles Schillings ft. Juanita Grande - One On One3.31 
  • Ben Westbeech - Get Closer4.45 
  • DJ Vadim  Beijos3.34 
  • Sei A - Ether4.21 
  • Despina Ricci - Plage Ensoleillee3.35 

Total running time: 67:18

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