Los Discos Buenos Suenan Mejor
  • Genre:World
  • Released:30/12/2009
  • Label:Lovemonk
  • Price:$18.95
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Los Discos Buenos Suenan Mejor

Various Artists

So here goes a compilation with a title that says it all: "Los Discos Buenos Suenan Mejor" ("Good Records Sound Better"), eclectic and sunny like Lovemonk itself.

The record travels many roads - progressive disco-rock by the ever so surprising The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Latin boogie by the Grammy-winning Los Amigos Invisibles, folkie Russian Red singing to the dancefloor with Nelue, a bomb track previously unreleased on CD by The Right Ons, German Basque Makala doing ragtime-hop, a boogaloo by The Gigoletto Brass Band, the Flaming Groovies classic "Shake Some Action" soulified by Bostonians Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, New Orleans grooves by Speak Low, Venezolan carioca-funk by Open Foraina, groovy folk by Bing Ji Ling, deep funk by British Madrileño Chip Wickham and of course the label's classics such as Gecko Turner, Pajaro Sunrise and Martín Buscaglia with a preview of his upcoming album.

And all this comes in a marvellous digi-pack with beautiful artwork by Polish designer Animiwiesasz.

Oh, if everything were always this easy...

Spanish Import

Track Listing

  • Open Foraina feat. Jack Quinonez  Fala Tanto5.00 
  • Bing Ji Ling  Home6.02 
  • Soul Vigilantes feat. Xan Blacq  Under Water3.08 
  • Los Amigos Invisibles  Plastic Woman3.26 
  • Nelue feat. Russian Red  Deconstructed4.41 
  • The Phenomenal Handclap Band  15 to 204.49 
  • Gecko Turner  45,000$ (Guapapasea) (Afrodisiac Soundsystem Remix)4.31 
  • Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents  Shake Some Action3.36 
  • Pajaro Sunrise  Perfect3.07 
  • Martin Buscaglia  Jaula de Motos3.00 
  • Speak Low  Black Used Shoes6.43 
  • The Right Ons  Hey Yeah!3.34 
  • Chip Wickham  Feelin Alright (Instrumental)4.04 
  • Makala  Cartoon Tune4.01 
  • The Gigoletto Brass Band  Boogalow5.35 

Total running time: 65:17

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