Avery Sunshine
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:10/05/2010
  • Label:Dome Records
  • Price:$29.95
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Avery Sunshine

Avery Sunshine

Debut album from the newest hot music talent to emerge from Atlanta. "Avery Sunshine is not neo soul and it's not gospel," says the singer-songwriter, but with vocals that are thick and strong yet jazzy-smooth it's not hard to tell that Avery has been singing for quite a few years. Among her past credits - working with Jennifer Holiday as choral director on a touring production of `Dream Girls'.

The album is produced by Dana Johnson, who co-wrote and co-produced many of the songs on India Arie's album "Voyage To India", and Avery's distinctive piano playing is very much to the fore. She is treading the same path originally taken by Aretha Franklin in making the move from gospel to secular recording. Key tracks include "All In My Head", "Ugly Part Of Me" and "Blessin' Me". "The Most" and the "Sunshine" interlude feature cameo performances from Roy Ayers.

U.K. Import

Track Listing

  • All In My Head4.39 
  • Today 5.35 
  • The Most...(feat. Roy Ayers) 4.53 
  • Ugly Part Of Me6.46 
  • Perform Interlude1.32 
  • Need You Now 5.02 
  • Pinin' 4.53 
  • I Got Sunshine 3.14 
  • Blessin' Me 4.42 
  • Everybody Loves The Sunshine (interlude) (feat. Roy Ayers) 1.20 
  • Like This 5.59 
  • Just Not Tonight 5.46 
  • Big Mama (Hidden Track)2.06 

Total running time: 56:27

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