Soundtrack for the Sound Eye
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:29/03/2010
  • Label:Ricky-Tick Records
  • Price:$39.95
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Soundtrack for the Sound Eye


Hot on the heels of their successful 2009 single releases, Dalindeo deliver their eagerly awaited second full-lenght album, "Soundtrack for the Sound Eye", available on Ricky-Tick Records in January 2010. Moving towards a more cinematic sphere of sound, the Helsinki-based sextet proves that they are ready to match the high expectations brought up by their previous releases. The album is now out in Finland and Europe on CD and vinyl (the vinyl includes a free mp3 download).

An imagined soundtrack not directly linked to any one context or location, the 13-track strong "Soundtrack for the Sound Eye" comes across as a remarkable collection of intensive moods with an astonishingly wide range. The band's multi-layered soundscape hints at afrobeat, soul, Balkan flavours and even desert blues, while still keeping true to composer Poyhonen's search for the group's own and constantly evolving brand of postmodern jazz in the 21st century.

European Import Cd

Track Listing

  • "Lights, Camera, Action!"1.55 
  • "Vintage Voyage"3.56 
  • "Willpower" (feat Bajka)4.06 
  • "Another Devil"3.05 
  • "Belleville-Pantin"4.22 
  • "Herrmann"2.13 
  • "Words Unspoken"5.50 
  • "New Creation" (feat Bajka)4.05 
  • "Take Cover!"3.08 
  • "Flow On"3.01 
  • Mr. J.L.4.25 
  • "Two Down, One To Go"4.39 
  • "Kantava Voima (Second Movement)"3.34 

Total running time: 48:19

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