Colette Ville
  • Genre:Electropop
  • Released:18/06/2010
  • Label:Colette, Paris
  • Price:$24.95
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Colette Ville

Various Artists

colette Airways invites you to report to Gate C for immediate departure :
destination elsewhere ...
colette ville takes you around the world in fourteen hops from Paris to Tokyo, via London,
Honolulu, Seoul or Pondicherry and many other cities. A musical trip illustrated by fourteen
airline pop songs, duty free disco and electro jetlag. Each destination is rendered by an
artist's song, often financed for the occasion. Not less than ten titles new on CD will be found
there, with seven 100% exclusive titles. Needless to say, you travel first class!
Please, buckle your belts, departure is imminent.

Mighty Music Machine is fortunate in being one of only a handful of stores worldwide to stock the cd outside of Colette, Paris

Exclusive Import from Colette, Paris

Track Listing

  • Paris by Dent May « Oh Paris »2.42 
  • Los Angeles by Darwin Deez « Radar DetectorÂ3.07 
  • Paris by Valley « Mobile Love »3.17 
  • Sao Paulo by Tetine « Tropical Punk »5.23 
  • Johannesburg by Blackjoy « La Disco »5.31 
  • Cologneby Superpitcher « Rabbits in a Hurry »7.32 
  • Seoul by Nakion « Oh-Ah »4.06 
  • Glasgow by Naum Gabo « Theme from Great Cities »5.49 
  • London by Tristesse Contemporaine « In the Wake »5.17 
  • Tokyo by Tokyo Black Star « Sepiaphone »5.25 
  • Stockholm by Ikons « Imperiet »2.59 
  • Berlin by Diamond Dog « Dazed »6.43 
  • New York by El Perro Del Mar « Heavenly Arms »5.29 
  • Honolulu by The Superimposers « Christmas in Hawaii »2.33 
  • Pondicherry by Kamasutra ?Im Orient II?3.27 

Total running time: 69:20

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