Hotel Costes 14: Stephane Pompougnac
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:04/10/2010
  • Label:Pschent
  • Price:$32.95
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Hotel Costes 14: Stephane Pompougnac

Various Artists

There will be no volume 13 in the series of the Hotel Costes compilations just like you can't find a room No. 13 in the hotel of the same name as required by tradition. The new opus of these famous compilations will therefore be No. 14 and symbolise a new beginning. Proud of having been recognized for 11 years as one of the best lounge and electro down to mid-tempo series, this year we are presented with the luxury of a compilation with unedited tracks and a return to its origins, all inspirational and a starting point of what will be the lounge music of this next decade. Last but not least, the Hotel Costes compilation wants to be more than ever a revelation of the current tendencies and talent! After Pink Martini, Jehro, Angus & Julia Stone, General Elektriks, Variety Lab, who will be the next worthy representatives of this highly esteemed high Parisian place?



Track Listing

  • Raphael Gualazzi - Reality & Fantasy (Gilles Peterson Remix)4.27 
  • Tosca - Elitsa (Kotey Extra Band Disco Version)5.23 
  • Duptribe feat. Ben Cocks - Blackbird Song3.04 
  • Boozoo Bajou - Yma (Afterlife Remix)5.08 
  • Karuan - Chocolate Distance feat. Metin Yilmaz Kendal 4.58 
  • Zwicker feat. Olivera Stanimirov - Oddity (John Talabot Remix)5.16 
  • Nova Nova - Prisoner's Song (Extended Original Mix) 5.38 
  • Tontelas - Lost It All (feat. Ski)4.44 
  • Dreadzone - American Dread4.14 
  • Stephane Pompougnac - Back To The Wall 4.48 
  • Blundetto - Voices (feat. Hindi Zahra)3.02 
  • Brigitte - Ma Benz4.05 
  • Lisa Bassenge & The J-Chestra - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps2.13 
  • Dario Caminita pres. Da.Ma.Project - Party Time (The Lounge)4.22 
  • Flight Facilities - Crave You (feat. Giselle)5.24 
  • Quarion - I Found You On Facebook6.16 

Total running time: 73:2

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