Rock Dust Light Star
  • Genre:Pop
  • Released:29/10/2010
  • Label:Mercury Records
  • Price:$21.95
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Rock Dust Light Star


JAY Kay and his band are back with a new album with a more organic, live sound.

Rock Dust Light Star will be their seventh studio album, the first in five years and their debut for the Universal Music Group.

At a time when many acts are producing electronic, disco influenced tracks, with Rock Dust Light Star, Jamiroquai has moved on from the sound they helped popularise and reverted to a more organic, live sound.

The shift is one that has revitalized the band, and produced their most engaging, vital album in years.

In singer Jay Kay's words "Everything on the record is live. It's a real band record. The last, album - fantastic - but the whole thing became a little sterile. This time we've captured the flow of our live performances."

The album was recorded mainly at Jay's home studio in Buckinghamshire and also at legendary Hook End Manor in Oxfordshire. The album is entirely written by Kay and his Jamiroquai band mates and produced by Kay alongside first time collaborators Charlie Russell and Brad Spence.

The first taster of the album will be the rattling groove of ‘White Knuckle Ride', available only on strictly limited edition vinyl prior to the album. It's a hi-octane retrospective on Jay's career experiences - a cautionary tale equally applicable to anyone's life in these pressure cooker times. This will be followed by ‘Blue Skies' in November, an epic, blissful, sun-kissed Californian mid tempo song with lush string arrangements and perhaps Jay's most emotive vocal to date - pure class.  

Track Listing

  • Rock Dust Light Star 4.40 
  • White Knuckle Ride 3.38 
  • Smoke and Mirrors 4.33 
  • All Good In The Hood 3.41 
  • Hurtin' 4.16 
  • Blue Skies 3.54 
  • Lifeline 4.40 
  • She's A Fast Persuader 5.18 
  • Two Completely Different Things 4.28 
  • Goodbye To My Dancer 4.08 
  • Never Gonna Be Another 4.12 
  • Hey Floyd 5.10 

Total running time: 52:38

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