• Genre:Rap
  • Released:02/11/2010
  • Label:Interscope
  • Price:$14.95
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There are many lessons that come from age and experience, and when one discovers such a thing, one is compelled to broadcast it to the world. This is that. Sometimes those declarations sound like the cantankerous frustrations of cranky old men. But while this piece of writing you find in your hands does indeed center on one very important lesson, it will come with none of that "Back in my day!" nostalgia to scare you away. Because this is a story about right here and right now. Yes, there are hints of the future and just a bit of the past, but it's certainly about today.

Which is to say: it's about NOTHING.

NOTHING is the title of the 4th studio album from Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley - collectively, the three musicians-slash-producers-slash-singers-slash-songwriters known as N*E*R*D. (No-one Ever Really Dies). Formed as a concept band in their hometown of Virginia Beach, in 2000, N*E*R*D stands - defiantly - ten years later as a group of musicians who have worked tirelessly to carve out and conquer a new space in an otherwise nebulous musical world.

"There's no greater feeling than looking out at an audience, whether it's in New York, Australia or Japan, and seeing kids - black, white, Latino, male, female, whatever -shouting the words back to you or rockin' out and having a good time," says Shae. "It is the most beautiful thing."

NOTHING not only taps into that connection with their growing fan-base but also reaches back to the days of IN SEARCH OF - but more in spirit than in actual sound. "It's so 1970s, multi-flavored denim, when there weren't so many rules." Pharrell describes. Shae adds that if In Search Of... drew inspiration from the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire and Steely Dan, then NOTHING "is more like The Doors or the band America."

The sound of NOTHING, through its 14 tracks, is decidedly stripped down - like their debut - but no less powerful. Whereas the albums FLY OR DIE and SEEING SOUNDS pumped the volume up with big band rock songs, NOTHING is a rock `n roll soul album. The first single, "Hot N' Fun," features the Neptunes' collaborator and friend, Nelly Furtado. It is a bounce-filled, sweaty summer club track that has echoes of old-school roller-skating jams. Astute music heads may hear a trace of De La Soul influences in the song's bravado, which Pharrell admits could be the case: "No matter what I do or who I work with, the Native Tongues are in my DNA."). Other songs like "Party People" and "In The Air" cultivate the youthful idealism of hearing a favorite song for the first time, while Pharrell spins slick-tongued poetry about the appeal of women. For him, his approach is to "not sing sexy shit, but sing about real shit in a sexy way."


Track Listing

  • Party People [Explicit] feat. T.I.3.52 
  • Hypnotize U4.17 
  • Help Me [Explicit]4.08 
  • Victory3.42 
  • Perfect Defect [Explicit]3.43 
  • I've Seen The Light / Inside Of Clouds4.26 
  • God Bless Us All3.29 
  • Life As A Fish2.37 
  • Nothing On You3.18 
  • Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado3.22 

Total running time: 36:54

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