• Genre:Nu Jazz
  • Released:20/11/2010
  • Label:Unique
  • Price:$34.95
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Club credibility comes from years of inspiration and hard work and Phil Martin, the creative captain of the Jazzinvaders (and Socialbeats Records), knows exactly how to get there. From his musical vision, the Jazzinvaders have already reached and touched so many musical lovers globally, from those who dare to go beyond everyday club scenes, to those who look beyond the spectrum of jazz aficionados. Today, the Jazzinvaders are spreading their message even stronger. Most of the members are top notch, multi-awarded jazz-soloists, but with the Jazzinvaders they deliver their strongest work to date. Since the beginning, also the role of the computer as an extra and variable band voice, falls more and more into place now, with jazz-like parameters like dynamics and all the improvisation that happens on the spot. Ultimately, the Jazzinvaders should be experienced raw and fresh, on a club date or festival. As on all their albums the Jazzinvaders obtain new territory, but only to ignite their appetite. This time the band got their inspiration from the 70's funkjazz artist like Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers and Earth Wind & Fire.

European Import Cd

Track Listing

  • Make It Work3.59 
  • Leave It At That3.48 
  • Reverse4.23 
  • Dudu3.55 
  • Why I?3.34 
  • More of That Stuff4.05 
  • The Sunchaser4.58 
  • Keep Your Eye On the Ball3.52 
  • Tulip Juice4.13 
  • My Sun3.53 
  • Zebra Boogie 23.22 
  • Tie Am5.14 

Total running time: 49:16

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