So Frenchy So Chic 2011
  • Genre:World
  • Released:15/02/2011
  • Label:Cartell Music
  • Price:$32.95
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So Frenchy So Chic 2011

Various Artists

The unofficial soundtrack to the 2011 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival.

So Frenchy So Chic returns in 2011 with a new double-disc compilation of the best music to come out of France over the past twelve months. Hand picked to break down barriers of language, culture or fashion, these songs are set to take listeners another journey across the varied landscape of new French music.

The slightly girly, slightly husky voice of Cécile Hercule leads the charge with 'Roger', an opener that perfectly captures what makes So Frenchy work so well. It's the sweet spot between genres - pop but with just enough edge, or indie but without being twee - that's always surprising and engaging. That goes double for Zaz who appears twice across the collection. Hailed as the new Edith Piaf (minus the drama) her voice clearly sets her apart from other French singers, backed by some updated 'Triplets Of Belleville' style jazz licks.

Of course the sound of French music right now is not just that of endearing chanteuses. Coming up with their own new sounds are two other genre-defying artists featured this year, Robin Leduc and Bertrand Belin. Where Leduc draws upon the Afrobeat of Fela Kuti and his childhood days in Nigeria, Belin's lyrical melodies reflect his brilliant work scoring films.

Joining the So Frenchy party is the alt-groove General Elektriks with 'Raid The Radio', a rallying call to anyone tired of the same old songs played by today's mainstream DJs. Band leader Hervé ‘RV' Salters and his love of vintage keyboards is front and centre in this retro-tinged winner that sounds like a lost piece of Stevie Wonder funk laced with modern beats.

Also loud and proud in a retro vein is Brigitte. Their name pays homage to three icons - model Brigitte Bardot, singer Brigitte Fontaine and porn star Brigitte Lahaie, and the sound of their song 'Battez-Vous' is just as cinematic as those inspirations. Imagine the perfect 70s key party soundtrack, striking a playful balance between sexy and not taking itself too seriously. 

2Cd set

Track Listing

  • Roger - Cecile Hercule 2.56 
  • Non non non (Ecouter Barbara) - Camelia Jordana2.38 
  • Dee Doo - Cocoon2.49 
  • Les Passants - Zaz3.33 
  • On the radio - The Rodeo4.11 
  • Sirenes - Delphine Volange (feat. Bertrand Belin)4.18 
  • Laissez-moi passer - Robin Leduc3.20 
  • Come Home - Yael Naim3.48 
  • Avant Les Forets - Bertrand Belin3.46 
  • Not Evident -The Narcoleptic Dancers2.31 
  • La Banane - Katerine2.16 
  • Raid the radio (Lazy Uprise mix) - General Elektriks3.50 
  • Dans le ventre du Crocodile - Disiz Peter Punk3.19 
  • Il et Elle - Pierre Souchon2.44 
  • Hi life - Syd Matters3.44 
  • Le Poinconneur des Lilas - Jean-Yves Lacombe, Pierre Ganem, Jean-Claude Camors, Laurent Vercambre2.42 
  • Le Long De La Route - Zaz3.35 
  • My name is trouble - Keren Ann3.16 
  • Battez-Vous - Brigitte4.02 
  • Odile - Nadeah Miranda 3.44 
  • Cent mille fois - Melanie Pain 2.56 
  • Another Day - Madjo3.55 
  • The Wanderer - Jil is Lucky2.42 
  • Dans ma rue - Fefe3.50 
  • Oublions l'Amerique (feat. Nadeah Miranda) - Nouvelle Vague3.27 
  • Rodeo Blvd - Anis3.08 
  • Be my man - Asa3.36 
  • Help Myself - Gaetan Roussel (nous ne faisons que passer)2.47 
  • This is a Love Song - Lilly Wood & The Pricks2.43 

Total running time: 96:6

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