Beautiful Inperfection
  • Genre:Pop
  • Released:28/10/2010
  • Label:Cartell Music
  • Price:$28.95
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Beautiful Inperfection


After a three-year hiatus, Asa returns with her sophomore album, ‘Beautiful Imperfection'. A random sampling of her latest work reveals one thing: her music has evolved, howbeit subtly. The rough-edges and unrestrained emotions of the eager debutant in ‘Asa' have been toned-down by maturity. While the frustrations of unrequited love in ‘Bibanke' and the dire warnings of ‘Fire On The Mountain' linger, they are expressed less effusively than on her debut. Asa conveys the drama between a woman and her boyfriend's sister in ‘Bimpé' without being overly-theatrical and expresses the euphoric hope of love in ‘Be My Man' while maintaining vocal composure.

However, the tight rein that she keeps on her expression is sometimes in conflict with the requirements of the lyrics and can erroneously mistaken for vocal lethargy. This is observed in ‘Ore', where the message of the song, a warning, requires more strength than she supplies to convey its meaning. ‘Baby Gone', a cathartic song tinged with regret, is highly reminiscent of her popular hit, ‘Bibanke', with both being centered around the same theme of love gone sour. The album's piece de resistance is perhaps, ‘Preacher Man', a spiritual song in which a perfect balance is struck between lyrical depth and vocal delivery.

In terms of genre, Asa refuses to limit herself to soul as she strays purposefully into jazzy, Ella Fitzgerald-territory on ‘The Way I Feel' and ‘Broda Olé' (a humorous song in which she plays the role of a nosey Yoruba woman warning her scrupulous neighbour to keep his paws off her child), and skims the surface of rock music on ‘OK'.

The stunning similarity between the flavour of ‘Questions' and British blues singer, Katie Melua's timeless hit, ‘Nine Million Bicycles' aside, every song on the album appears to have its own unique identity, giving the feeling that the artiste embedded a different part of herself in each one.

All in all, ‘Beautiful Imperfection' is an overawing masterstroke of songwriting genius with very few flaws that can be overlooked.

Almost a bull's-eye, second time around.

Track Listing

  • Why CanÂít We3.44 
  • Maybe4.16 
  • Be My Man3.44 
  • Preacher Man4.45 
  • Bimpe3.27 
  • The Way I Feel5.02 
  • OK OK3.52 
  • Dreamer Girl3.40 
  • Ore4.40 
  • Baby Gone4.34 
  • Broda Ole3.55 
  • Questions4.05 

Total running time: 49:44

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