Saronno On The Rocks
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:18/03/2011
  • Label:Chin Chin
  • Price:$34.95
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Saronno On The Rocks

Bebo Best & Super Lounge Orchestra

"This is soooo smooth, so luxurious, sooo...aaaaah! I love it
...modern jazz, lounge, grooves and elegant music, it just sounds
perfect for my fashion shows...
(Davide Bozzato Coreographer and Director Miss World, Italy)
After the huge success of their first 2 albums "Sitar and Bossa", and
"D'Jazzonga" Bebo is back with his finest yet! With the spirit of whatever
"Nu Jazz" might be, with a way-cool cinematic bossa nova-jazz groove that
could pass for a genuine late-'60s or early-'70s soundtrack recording,
garnished with early 21st century electronic touches. Bebo blends
elements of dance music, jazz, trip-hop, swing and downtempo into one
delicious, happy cocktail and suggests the exuberant insouciance of
parties, rides in convertibles on warm, full-moon nights, and an afternoon
spent dancing barefoot with friends with a glass of sangria in your hand.
The Album opens with the sublime title track, Nu-Jazz at its best! The
albums flows into "Havana Jazz" and "Mambo & Cola" - lots of
Tropical Jazz here!
Next is the swingin' dance tracks of Louis Prima's "Sing Sing Sing" and
"James Bonds theme" both done "Bebo style". Funky beats of "Jazz or
NuJazz" get you into the groove with sensual parisienne singer Luma's
vocals on "that's the way I like it" and London's top Jazz singer Iain
Mackenzie breaks your heart with "now and ever". Bebo gets back into
cool seductive, brazilian jazz again with "chill radio bossa" and "the sun is
shinin'" with "Jazz carnival" and "daikiri bossa dance" playing the album
out. Lastly Chin Chin has added a bonus remix track of "Sing Sing Sing"
done by DJ Gabriel's with a dance floor New jazzy-grooved beat put to it!
Some quotes so far!
Bebo is one of the best Jazz and Lounge Producers to come out of
Italy thisCentury !
Bebo Best The SUPER LOUNGE ORCHESTRA is one of the 5 best
Nujazz / Lounge artists in Europe, maybe in the world!
Bebo Best appears on over 180 cds, for labels such as Sony and
Emi, spots and works for BMW, GAS, MTV, Fox tv, but also cultural
events for Gugghenheim Foundation, Venice film exposition (for
Woody Allen, Wim Wenders, Jane Campion)

German Import Cd

Track Listing

  • MAMBO & COLA5.01 
  • SING SING SING feat. Al Cafone3.42 
  • JAZZ OR NU JAZZ4.20 
  • THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT feat. Luma4.48 
  • NOW AND EVER feat. Iain Mackenzie5.25 
  • SING SING SING (Koko Chanel remix)4.52 

Total running time: 53:26

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