Dirt & Gold
  • Genre:Beats
  • Released:09/11/2010
  • Label:Fake Diamond Recordings
  • Price:$19.95
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Dirt & Gold


New on Danish label Fake Diamond Records comes the second album from multi-talented producer Peder, whose first album appeared via the Ubiquity imprint. Dirt & Gold is an unusual blend of styles, taking an eccentric trail through soul music, strange vintage soundscapes and the kind of sounds you'd most closely associate with '70s TV themes or old spy thrillers. The likes of 'Light Years', 'Meat Is Murder, Tasty, Tasty Murder' and the self-explanatory cinematic calling card, 'Hello Mr Movie Director, My Name Is Peder And This Is My Friend Asger Baden' all do a fine job of condensing Peder's poly-instrumental efforts into a tongue-in-cheek yet still very atmospheric take on grand, old-fashioned soundtrack-styled productions - all with just a twist of electronic know-how to drag the end product into the 21st century.

Danish Import Cd

Track Listing

  • Meat Is Murder Tasty Tasty Murder4.29 
  • Love Lost City (Feat. Oh Land)4.30 
  • The King Of Overspringshandlinger2.57 
  • Daylight (Feat. Signe Marie Schmidt - Jacobsen)3.17 
  • Reverse Your Diamonds (Feat. Jacob Bellens)4.50 
  • Light Years5.12 
  • Shorty3.52 
  • Dirt & Gold (Feat. Claus Hempler & Signe Marie Schmidt - Jacobsen)4.03 
  • Monoglukose5.43 
  • Heroin (Feat. R. Olsen)3.15 
  • Malcolm4.30 
  • Hello Mr. Movie Director My Name Is Peder And This Is My Friend Asger Baden3.20 
  • Goodbye (Feat. Claus Hempler)5.25 

Total running time: 55:23

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