Love & Revolution
  • Genre:Jazz Fusion
  • Released:06/06/2011
  • Label:Decca Records
  • Price:$39.95
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Love & Revolution

Nicola Conte

A bold new chapter in the career of Nicola Conte - quite possibly his most collaborative record to date, and easily his most righteous as well! Although Conte looks cheesy on the cover, his style here is even deeper than before - still driven by the classic modal and bossa sounds of the 60s that you'll remember from earlier records, yet also infused with a sense of spiritual jazz too - a vibe that's perfect for the album's placement on Impulse Records, where Conte's got a way of linking together the best 60s and 70s aspects of the label's aesthetic! He gets plenty of help in the process - wonderful vocals from the likes of Gregory Porter, José James, Alice Ricciardi, and others - trumpet from Till Bronner, Fabrizio Bosso, and Flavio Boltro - tenor from Magnus Lindgren and Tim Warfield, flute and baritone from Timo Lassey, and loads of other groovy touches too! Nicola Conte's never let us down - and this record is a rich reward for all the faith we've had in him over the years - a bit like the way that Gilles Peterson's always changing and growing, yet still always keeps true to his roots.

Track Listing

  • Do you feel like I feel3.52 
  • Love from the sun4.32 
  • Here__Master_.mp33.50 
  • Black spirits5.44 
  • Mystery of you4.21 
  • Shiva5.29 
  • Ghana5.09 
  • Quiet dawn4.45 
  • Scarborough fair4.03 
  • Love and revolution3.35 
  • Bantu5.59 
  • All praises to Allah4.30 
  • Ra in Egypt4.01 
  • Temple of Far East6.06 
  • IÂím the air4.19 

Total running time: 70:15

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