Mo Horizons & The Banana Soundsystem
  • Genre:Nu Jazz
  • Released:09/05/2011
  • Label:Agogo Records
  • Price:$29.95
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Mo Horizons & The Banana Soundsystem

Mo Horizons

2011 album from the German Jazz/Funk outfit. If you want to throw a successful block party, you need to get the sound, the system and the beats just right. On this album, Mo' Horizons have done exactly that. The band are no newcomers to the sound system culture. With four successful albums recorded plus two compilations containing their own as well as their remix work, Mo' Horizons are a firmly established entity. They kick off the party with 'Banana No Mas' introducing their long-term percussionist and Latin Grammy winner Nene Vasquez.

Track Listing

  • Banana No Mas (feat. Nene Vasquez)3.31 
  • Back To Melbourne (feat. Gypsy Brown)3.40 
  • So On (feat. Marga Munguambe)4.50 
  • Around Ya (feat. Fuel Fandango)4.20 
  • Chiquita Bonita (feat. Coneccion Santiago)4.49 
  • Jungle Affair5.03 
  • Banana Boogie (feat. Coneccion Santiago)3.21 
  • Kiss (feat. Marga Munguambe)3.35 
  • Koito Pie Bira (feat. Varna Boogaloo Crew)4.31 
  • Make It Real (feat. Lea)4.44 
  • Cowboy Bossa (feat. Yanez)4.38 
  • In Love With An Old Man (feat. Denise M'Baye)3.53 
  • Free And Easy5.31 

Total running time: 56:26

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