Deep Impressions
  • Genre:Beats
  • Released:16/09/2011
  • Label:Invada Records
  • Price:$14.95
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Deep Impressions


The third album from Ashley Anderson a.k.a Katalyst will hit a chord with Triple J fans whilst still remaining commercial. Deep Impressions begins with a soulful reggae beat in Day Into Night featuring Stephanie McKay who belts out in a capella as she provides the body of the song.

Black Dragon's big band vibe is a welcome twist to the beginning of the album; it begins the sporadic patches of jazz influences throughout the record.

Although Deep Impressions undoubtedly falls under the hip hop umbrella, there are hints of disco, soul, pop, electro and even psychedelia. Ready To Drop features Sydney's own KweenG who professes you must "dance in your living room". A notion so believable with the disco beat behind it. Things get funky with Beware, where Katalyst channels Public Enemy and NWA in It's A Blast combining disco and electro in the cocky, Number One.

The track The Popcorns at first hooks you just for its title, but unfortunately somewhat disappoints. I am left remembering the great Marvin Gaye in the album's final track and Popcorns' redeemer, Dreaming Of You, which fulfills its promise with a world of high pitched, pained guitar riffs and dreamy vocals.

Track Listing

  • Day Into Night - Feat. Stephanie McKay3.39 
  • Black Dragon - Feat. Mr. Clean2.58 
  • Pot Or Pills3.21 
  • Ready To Drop - Feat. KweenG2.57 
  • Clapping Song - Feat. Coin Locker Kid3.38 
  • Beware2.51 
  • Prince of Cool - Feat. Jane Doe4.15 
  • It's A Blast3.13 
  • U Can't Save Me - Feat. Buff 1 & Stephanie McKay3.49 
  • Number One3.38 
  • The Popcorns - Feat. Bootie Brown & Steve Spacek2.57 
  • Who's Doing It3.17 
  • Time Ticks On - Feat. Hau2.53 
  • Dreaming Of You2.21 

Total running time: 45:47

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