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R&B Music For Grown Ups!


By Steven, Sunday 13 June 2010

This is Non production line R&B, in fact there are so many genres of music included that it is hard to categorize.
One thing you know is the lady is so talented and funky, she is destined for huge success!
As fresh as when you first heard Lauren Hill from the Fugees, or Erykah Badu.  Just take a look at the filmclip for "Tightrope" on YouTube
and you will be instantly hooked.  Don't waste your time on any other R&B release before you purchase this one...right now!


A Unique Talent


By Steven, Wednesday 17 March 2010

I've always loved Bajka's voice.  Her vocal contributions on Radio Citizen, Bonobo and Beanfield made each of these albums memorable.
Her first solo release is based upon a book of poems by Lewis Carroll and is very dreamy and soulful.

A beautiful release.

"Cinematic Brilliance"


By Steven Worth, Friday 06 November 2009

Recorded with a large Big Band with an emphasis on epic strings, this project is enormously impressive.
This will appeal to lovers of great music with styles reminiscent of Matthew Herbert, Portishead and Cinematic Orchestra...A superb Australian release and our album of the month!

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