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Classic Richard Dorfmeister


By Steven, Friday 05 June 2009

Richard Dorfmeister returns with another great Chillout/Downtempo/Lounge album.

Tosca albums have always had a melancholic, Smokey feel to them and this one is no exception.

It's a credit to any artist that can almost lay claim to creating a genre of music, and playing any Tosca album can make you feel warmly comfortable the minute you put them on. I recommend this album if you really want to Chillout but not be bored.

Quantic Soul - Flawless Funky Jazz


By Steven, Friday 24 July 2009

Yes they seem to release an album every 2 weeks!

But this album with a band they've named The Combo Barbaro would have to be their most original, and a contender for Album of the Year.  It is flawless from start to finish, beginning  with beautiful strings and piano going on to explore all the classic Latin American Jazz sounds from Columbia where they are now based to Cuba

Too Good!!

The Empire Strikes Back!


By Steven Worth, Monday 28 September 2009

This album will be the reference point for the Funk Revival of this decade!

There is no doubt it is a cut above anything that has come out recently, and that is no disrespect to alot of talented new bands.  It's vintage funk, but sounds really fresh.  Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart whose last project the reggae covers album by The Dynamics was also first class...He plays guitar, bass & keyboards and is joined by some of the U.K.'s finest vocalists.

I urge everyone to listen to and buy this sensational album!

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